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15:11Most Extreme Thing I've Ever Seen
5:12I Made A Mistake
I Made A MistakeGanger 913 kDag siden
38:51Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Is Easy
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Is EasyGanger 667 k16 timer siden
7:52Saddest Game I've Ever Played
Saddest Game I've Ever PlayedGanger 1,3 mill16 timer siden
5:50Slapping Is The Most Dangerous Sport
Slapping Is The Most Dangerous SportGanger 2,8 mill16 timer siden
6:57My Face Made Into A Real RPG
My Face Made Into A Real RPGGanger 688 k16 timer siden
40:18Cereal Tier List
Cereal Tier ListGanger 829 kDag siden
19:36This Is My Ass
This Is My AssGanger 332 kDag siden
11:46Youtuber Ends Bullying
Youtuber Ends BullyingGanger 1,6 millDag siden
11:07Slap God vs Slap Demon
Slap God vs Slap DemonGanger 2,4 millDag siden
13:41Horrible $13 Million Dr. Seuss House
10:56Slapping Apocalypse
Slapping ApocalypseGanger 2 millDag siden
59:53I Fixed A Toilet
I Fixed A ToiletGanger 666 kDag siden
9:06Craziest Video I've Ever Seen
Craziest Video I've Ever SeenGanger 1,6 mill7 dager siden
4:29Slapping and Kissing
Slapping and KissingGanger 2,4 mill7 dager siden
10:36Moist Meter | Resident Evil Village
Moist Meter | Resident Evil VillageGanger 1,2 mill7 dager siden
8:23Saturday Night Live Is Horrible
Saturday Night Live Is HorribleGanger 2,5 mill7 dager siden
5:21This Is Pathetic
This Is PatheticGanger 2,2 mill7 dager siden
19:42Resident Evil 8 Is An Easy Game
Resident Evil 8 Is An Easy GameGanger 1,4 mill7 dager siden
11:22It's Time Again
It's Time AgainGanger 1,2 mill7 dager siden
13:12Superhuman Slapping
Superhuman SlappingGanger 1,3 mill7 dager siden
21:36My Friend Almost Died From Hot Sauce
My Friend Almost Died From Hot SauceGanger 1,1 mill7 dager siden
9:37The God of Slapping Claims Another Soul
The God of Slapping Claims Another SoulGanger 2 mill7 dager siden
7:48Moist Meter | Invincible
Moist Meter | InvincibleGanger 1,9 mill7 dager siden
38:05The Porn Masterpiece We Made
The Porn Masterpiece We MadeGanger 774 k7 dager siden
4:19Trumpet Ruins Wedding
Trumpet Ruins WeddingGanger 916 k14 dager siden
14:22A Slapping Demon Has Awakened
A Slapping Demon Has AwakenedGanger 1,8 mill14 dager siden


  • Feed african children < buy a 38 million dollar house.

  • Charlie just gave me an idea that could make a fortune off of rich people. *Stair case sculptures*

  • thank you Charlie for apologizing on Chases behalf. he really needs to get his stuff together, it's unexpectable.

  • I thought I noticed him wearing the same shirt he did 2 months ago.

  • 1:00 I feel like he had a joke planned but didn't have enough time

  • Dialogue is bad? Charlie, cmon, have you ever played another Resident Evil Village.

  • Lol "Definitely for a younger audience" meanwhile me and my dad (in his 40's) watching this losing our minds together lmao

  • He should from now on add "sarcasm" in angular brackets in the subtitle for each dialogue in each of his video, for the "brain in the knees" NOlong reviewer (man/machine) to understand it's not meant to be taken seriously, making them dumber than each of his subscriber.

  • Charlie knows how's to get them clicks tho 🤟

  • Ah, I see Charlie is a fan of Donte and his colorful array insults such as: "Fuck you.", "Fuck you.", "Ugly sack of shit.", "Fuck you.", and let us not forget, "Fuck you.". If you want some good writing from a good action game that came out around the same time, play Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. I'm in it.



  • He should from now on add "sarcasm" in angular brackets in the subtitle for each dialogue in each of his video, for the "brain in the knees" NOlong reviewer (man/machine) to understand it's not meant to be taken seriously, making them dumber than each of his subscriber.

  • Use them as sausage casing

  • Don't worry I'm on the same boat Today a Reddit user called me an idiot for yelling "what are you doing" when a driver risked hitting me head on

  • you meddling court cam fans !

  • И это типа спорт?

  • we should be helping him get back, not attack

  • A real cash cow 🐮

  • Wow from that mistake you get almost 1 millions views

  • damn i might need to dislike for this sin you have committed you're not god anymore you're satan

  • This is the video that made me start playing Paladins. ⚔

  • me when I beat Metroid for the first time 3:34


  • 3:30 like we all knew that was a women right??? C'mon charlie

  • Interesting that you think all horror games are just shit. Depends on your views which i respect your regardless but as much as ive grown up with and love horror for 26 years of my life i still have gotten totally scared shitlesss by many, many horror games.

  • Yeaa ill buy it

  • This is a special kind of stupid sport. U have to be extra stupid to participate 😂

  • Look man, it’s just that I trusted you but you took advantage of me, you used me, so it will take some time and I may have to take a break from watching you, just until I can forgive you. Adios, amigo

  • Whoever approved a sponsorship for charlie is on so many drugs rn

  • Palestine under attack can you please talk about it

  • I just don't understand this stupid sport.

  • Cory killed it on hard mode 😂

  • Lol 5:35 ??? What a clown and simp.... he literally brought up the point that she’s attractive for no reason just to get some brownie point what a lame ass

  • 1:14 XDD ok for this alone i have to like and sub! keep it up bro

  • 14:13 damn he straight up broke her ankles

  • Are these air bending people for real? Like, do they actually believe they have powers? He clearly made a sign to stop the wheel and it didn't lmao

  • (MAJOR SPOILERS) Gabi doesn't deserve the hate. Sasha killed so many of her people. In her eyes, Sasha was a heartless murderer, which is true to some extent. Everyone does fucked up shit in AOT, Gabi is actually a milder case.

  • Table is way too wide

  • to quote Kramer, "yyyyou got that straight."

  • "I think I might actually fix this" Video is an hour long

  • that orange was damn near the same size as charlie smh

  • He didn’t crush the old lady he gutted her with his hand

  • What is this editing? It feels like a shitty ai is trying to make a best moments compilation.

  • I'm shocked that Twitter would let someone masturbate publicly like that. I needed a box of tissues just to clean my screen after watching that. Eiwwwwwwww

  • He looks like an anime meheekans.

  • Now as the entitled prick I am, I am going to dislike because he hated one of my favourite cereals 😂

  • The animation can be trash sometimes but the rest is gold

  • This is the first video I saw from you, dude.

  • Lucky charms are just Cheerios with marshmallows change my mind

  • I'm Canadian and I know it's Washington then adams then Jefferson who was adams vp

  • That one taxi driver be like: 0:56

  • 5:30 if you guys wanna get a whole 20 sec of testicle talk

  • Well, here i thought this was about omori, but yeah.

  • this video should have been called "I have sinned"

  • Honestly, i enjoyed it

  • Real people not actors

  • sugar = good

  • I can't believe that Charlie copied Penguinz0

  • You heathen get the frosted rice krispies or frosted cheerios.

  • saddest game I ever played MY LIFE

  • look like the same style graphic as the dragon cancer jesus, stay strong

  • Imagine thinking a potato is a vegetable 😂

  • "The not so slenderman" Wow. I legit howled at that xD

  • the only thing i learned was that everytime someone is down in the dumps, there is always a bully. Like a prophecy, if u will

  • 4:40 😭😭😭

  • I would just upload it next month on the same day. And then the month after and keep doing it lol

  • I feel like I gotta share my man Mansour Bahrami with Charlie. The man is a God's avatar for Earth.

  • Second ring of hell.

  • The crowd was almost crying, like in funeral 😃

  • bad charlie

  • This show is a gem.

  • how could you do this to us

  • that russian guy is deaf now

  • We need a energy drink tear list

  • Idk bro. Have you seen naruto and sasukes final battle? Not a game but just sayin. Just sayin.

  • "That diarrhea looking ice cream, whatever brown flavor is" Chocolate..?

  • He remembered an episode of ICarly. I quit and unsubscribed